The Spirit of Hong Kong Awards celebrates the achievements of truly remarkable people who might otherwise be off the radar. Entering our tenth year, we are proud to present to you our shortlisted finalists of 2022. Touching the lives of those in need with optimism and positivity, they are the embodiment of the true spirit of Hong Kong who made us proud to call ourselves Hongkongers.

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Narelle Suzanne Pamuk


Kwan Sek-yiu, Lee Siu-nam


Ajmal Samuel


Jen Flowers


Lam Pak-keong


Tam Kin-lok


Prof Samuel Au Kwok-wai


Chapman Lee


Dr Cathy Jim


Ng Yiu-fai


Winnie Chan Yin


Inti Fu Tai-fan


Sunshine Ambassadors




Gingko House – Love Project Rice Box Team


William Wu Man-chun


So Ka-po


Hannah Bailey Cherry