The Spirit of Hong Kong Awards celebrates the achievements of truly remarkable people who might otherwise be off the radar. Entering our tenth year, we are proud to present to you our shortlisted finalists of 2023. Touching the lives of those in need with optimism and positivity, they are the embodiment of the true spirit of Hong Kong who made us proud to call ourselves Hongkongers.

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The Spirit of Perseverance Award
Faride Shroff


Calista Lam


Michael Chan Sheung-yee


The Spirit of Community Award


Agnes Sordan


Sanday Chongo Kabange


The Spirit of Culture Award
Lee Hoi Wu


Danie Chan Tan Yee


Sophia Hotung


The Spirit of Innovation Award
Siew C Ng


Wong Kwan Long, Kyle


Chan Hiu Ling, Florence


The Spirit of Teamwork Award (Group)
Hong Kong Deaf Rugby Team




Feeding Hong Kong


The Spirit of Youth Award
Amaanat Rekhi


Ingrid Chan Wai Hin


Tsang Hau Yi