About the Awards

The Spirit of Hong Kong Awards is an annual campaign of the South China Morning Post (SCMP) for celebrating the achievements of truly remarkable people who might otherwise be off the radar. We champion the achievements of real people in our home of Hong Kong. People that make us proud to call ourselves Hongkongers.

I sing the unsung song of heroes,

Not damaged by war, in the hurt of life

Limbless or blind, 


Helping the helpless with love and compassion

Turning to those with no-one to turn to

Schools for the teachers,

Children to learn about life,

This is my song in this war of words.


Sir David Akers-Jones,


Patron of the Judging Panel,

Spirit of Hong Kong Awards

The Spirit of Hong Kong Awards celebrate ordinary people who are extraordinary, exemplary Hong Kong citizens

These people are not celebrities, but ordinary folk from all walks of life. They may be good Samaritans or caregivers. They may be everyday hardworking individuals that make a big difference to support the greater community with their dedication and efforts. They may be survivors against the odds.

One thing they have in common, and that is the embodiment of the true spirit of Hong Kong. They inspire others with their actions.

Introduction of the Awards

Cultural Preservation Award

Unsung heroes who have made a sustainable
impact on cultural conservation

Innovating for Good Award

Given to unsung heroes behind breakthrough technologies or innovation for the good of society

Compassion Ambassador Award

Unsung heroes that are passionate and are willing to serve and to help others 

Community Contribution Award

Untold tales of fortitude and self-belief to give back to those less fortunate

Overcoming Personal Challenge Award

Inspirational journeys to achieve a dream, or the extraordinary

People's Choice Award

Awarded to the highest vote-getter among 5 individual award categories

Corporate Citizen Award (Group Award)

Enterprises which have embraced their role as a socially responsible corporate citizen

Lion Rock Entrepreneur Award (Group Award)

Awarded to the corporation which has risen from difficult circumstances to achieve success




Nomination (March 2018)
Nominations are open to public. Nominating organisations will be responsible for nominations. Click nomination guidelines to find out more, and download the nomination form to start the nominations.


Judging process (April - June 2018)
Judges to shortlist candidates from each of the 7 categories. Selected stories of the nominations will be published in SCMP and at SCMP.COM.


Public voting (July 2018)
Readers may vote for their favourite unsung hero on this website.


Result Announcement (September 2018)
Results will be announced at the Spirit of Hong Kong Awards ceremony in September. Winners will be published in SCMP and on this website.